The Floral Design App

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The Spiral Technique (10 Videos)

Tools & Supplies

Selecting & Conditioning Flowers

Spiral Technique

Soft, Romantic Bouquet

Armature Bouquet

Colorful Hand Tied Bouquet

Calla Lily & Rose Bouquet

Garden Hand Tied Bouquet

Bouquet Wrapping

Armature Bouquet 2

Vase Arrangements (10 Videos)

Gridding & Greening

Girly Girl Arrangement

Peony & Rose Arrangement

Colours of Autumn

All White Design

Garden Meadow Design


Summer Garden Arrangement

Orchid Vase Arrangement

Oval Garden Arrangement

Designing With Floral Foam (10 Videos)

Floral Foam Preparation

Floral Foam

Cymbidium Orchid Arrangement

Exotic Arrangement

Hedge Arrangement

Sunflower Topiary



Rose Pave

Zero Calorie Birthday Cake

Wedding Designs (11 Videos)

Calla Lily Boutonniere

Rose Boutonniere


Pin-On Corsage

Calla Lily Bouquet

Cascade Bouquet

Peony Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet (2 Videos)

Floral Headpiece

Floral Pomander

Working With Roses (10 Videos)

Conditioning Roses

Hand Tied Rose Bouquet

Long Stem Rose Arrangement

Rose Pave

Rose Arrangement In Cylinder


Rose Mound

Rose Arrangement In Cylinder

Rose Wreath

Rose Bowl

Hedge Style Rose Arrangement

App Features:

50+ High Quality tutorials

More than 50 professionally shot tutorial videos with step by step commentary and personal instruction. $2.99 each.

“SwipeCam” technology

Swipe between close up and overhead camera views to ensure you don’t miss any of the details.

No Internet Required

All the videos are loaded right onto your device.

Available on iPhone & iPad

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