Loving nature, creating, expressing, and designing. Coming back every day to the joy and wonder of working with beauty and sharing it with others. This is the work environment of the modern florist. A career opportunity of joy. It’s not all easy and smooth sailing, but the creation and beauty in the floral industry brings bushels of happiness and excitement, day after day.

But where to start? It’s all so mysterious. Walking into a flower shop and seeing stunning big arrangements, sometimes it can feel like the secrets of the great artists. “How on earth did they do that? It’s so big and beautiful! I couldn’t ever make something as wonderful as that.”

That’s where we come in. Hello, we are the Gilligan Girls, Maureen, Kathleen and Trish, and together as sisters we own and run our own beautiful flower shop on Main St in Vancouver BC, Canada. With decades of experience in the floral industry, 10 years ago we decided to start our own floral design school. Now we teach out of our flower shop, and share the love of flowers with countless students and clients. To describe how much joy and meaning (not to mention hard work) all of it has brought to us is impossible. This is our career, our lifestyles, our home.

It’s not all roses and sunshine, being a florist is a lot of hard work on your feet, making and designing with your hands, yet it brings with it a strong feeling of creativity and a wonderful connection to the pure beauty of flowers. Do you feel like you aren’t really that creative? Or that your creativity is just a streak, or a small part of you?

Working in floristry is a unique and effective way to bring out the best artistry in you. In flowers, you always have nature – the greatest creative teacher – at your fingertips. Even if you have no experience, can’t tell a rose from a peony, your natural creative spirit can blossom in floral design. There is a skill, a method, and a technique to get you started on the path to discovering your own artistry.

Your creativity is within you, all of us have it, and it is so important to share it with others. If you are looking for a career that will develop and grow that creative seed, then we would love to have you enrol in our program and join us in our home flower shop Gilligan Girls Flowers on Main. It could be the first stepping stone for you in a new kind of adventure, filled with the beauty of flowers and the wonderful people who love them.

About Us

After successfully owning and operating Thomas Hobbs Florist for 22 years, Maureen decided to sell the shop and fully concentrate on sharing her knowledge of floral design along with her sisters, Kathleen and Trish.


Our courses ensure that each student receive the personal, hands-on attention required to build their confidence and skills without getting lost in a larger, lecture oriented classroom setting.

Florista App

More than 50 professionally shot tutorial videos with step by step commentary and personal instructions by Maureen Sullivan.