Introductory Floral Design

Our flagship Introductory program will teach you the fundamentals of floral design. It is not just a follow along workshop that spits you out with a ton of arrangements and no skill. After the first six weeks, you will have confidence working with a large variety of flowers, in a wide range of styles and containers. It will take you from zero to creating and constructing your own unique arrangements, completely solo.

– Never make beginner mistakes again by learning the proper care and florist tricks.

– Get hands on with flowers the very first day.

– Gain a base knowledge of design you can always fall back on.

– Create your own unique arrangements in a variety of vase shapes and styles.

– Understand the many uses of floral foam, and how to design best with it.

– Create your own hand-tied bouquets.

“Going in I knew nothing, but leaving I had a huge handle on what flowers to put together and all the techniques, I’ve used them countless times since.” – Sara

Course Length:
6 weeks / 11 nights

Spring Session:
Starts February 20, 2024
Ends March 26, 2024
Monday & Tuesday 6-9 pm
Tuition: $2100 + GST

Fall Session:
Starts September 16, 2024
Ends October 22, 2024
Monday & Tuesday 6-9 pm
Tuition: $2100 + GST

All flowers, vases and tools are included in your course fees

Full Day Courses:

Summertime only: 5 days
July 8 – 12, 2024
Monday to Friday, 12-5 pm
Tuition: $2100 + GST

This session is very popular. It will be held at the United Flower Growers auction in order to accommodate a larger class size. The address is 4085 Marine Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5E2

All flowers, vases and tools are included in your course fees